Church isn’t a “where”… it’s a “who”!

As such, membership isn’t about joining a place, it’s about joining a people. As followers of Jesus, we are already members of God’s global Church, so why does membership specifically at BVC even matter? That’s a great question!

Well, as a local church, we’re a smaller body of people set apart for God’s unique purposes in each other’s lives and our community. Our church is also intended to function like a family. A member of a family is usually more committed than others, to that family’s health and protection. In the same way, when a person becomes a member of our church, that person is declaring that we really matter to them, and we are declaring that they really matter to us. We all have dear friends in our lives that we consider “family.” Well, that’s the same principle at play here.
So, we encourage membership as a relevant and practical way for new people to join already-established members to walk more deeply committed as one growing church family. But membership isn’t about privileges, it’s about responsibility. And together we’ll grow in faith, in Christ’s likeness, join in a common love and respect for one another, all while mutual pursuing the mission and vision of our church.